Sunday, 14 September 2014

Playing on Millie today

After months of having my millenium long arm set up I will be able to work my machine. The first thing I put on machine was a practice sandwich and I pinned it on. It took me a long time to figure out how to do that. I've only been taught with leader grips.

I purchased leader grips for my machine at the end of July and I'm finally attaching them to my canvas rollers. It took me three times to fold over the csnvas to make a casing for the leader grips. I have successfully completed attaching the leadergrips to one of my rollers. Working on the second one and it will definitely go faster then the first one.

I folded over 1 inch on the canvas and I sewed a quarter inch seam allowance using my hopping foot for a guide. Here is a picture showing how i'm sewing my casing.

I used the clips on the side of my table to hold my canvas place while i sewed down the roller.

It was hard to find information on the web showing how to make the casing for the leader grips. I was quite nervous but then I realised I just had to use my seam ripper if i made a mistake. Lol. Took a lot of the fear away. Do you get anxious about the next step in a project and hold off taking that step? I seem to do that a lot and I know it would just be faster to jump in then to keep stressing about it.

I purchased a new pantograph for my machine last week as I took 3 charity tops to quilt for my guild. I will also use the same pantograph on a quilt for a friend. I told her by the time I do her quilt I'll be a pro.

What are you working on this sunday afternoon?

Have a great day!
Vicky K
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Thursday, 17 July 2014


Good Day All

Hope you have been enjoying your summer so far. Its been very nice in my neck of the woods, which translates to not much time spent doing crafty things.
But I think I will be playing more than usual as I finally got my Millie. Its been over a year since I decided on a Millenium. It took that long to get hubby on board and even then, I ordered it without the basement being ready. I put a deadline of either the dollar being at $0.95 or my 40th birthday. We hit my birthday before the dollar came up.

I received my boxes last Wednesday. Sadly some of the boxes were damaged. I had an appointment for installation scheduled for this Wednesday in case we had problems and couldn't figure it out ourselves. With the damages to the boxes and some pieces, I didn't feel comfortable putting the table and machine together so I waited for the appointment. I thought I would go crazy with the waiting but I did pretty good. We were able to put together my longarm as it seems like almost all the damage is cosmetic. Now I just have to figure out with APQS, the best course of action from here. They have been so nice and helpful with these issues. Great company.

I finally got a chance to play on the longarm around 9:30 last night. I think it was around 1:30 when I had all three pieces loaded correctly and it threaded and bobbin in. At that time of night, I wasn't sure if I should go to bed or try to play. I decided to baste down my edges and subdivide my fabric for playing. I finally dragged myself up last night at 3:30. Surprising, I'm not really tired today (Yet LOL)

I ordered leadergrips but they haven't come in yet, which meant I had to pin my layers on. I have only ever used leadergrips when longarming, so it was a lot of research and trial and error. I think I had to repin at least 3 times. :) Usually I would miss placing the canvas over or under a roller. I think I had a huge smile on my face when I finally it all attached.

This afternoon, I finally played a bit with free-motion. I started off doing curls but ended up doing clamshells (think that's what its called). I think they look pretty good. Any time I've tried doing them on paper, I would get caught in corners. There are only a few places where I don't like what I did, but overall, I'm pretty excited with my results.

I enrolled in Angela Walters Dot-to-Dot Quilting class on Craftsy. I might spend some time today making the quilt top she designed for the class. Its a rainy day, which means I let my kids have a TV day. They haven't had one since school let out.

Have a great day!
Vicky K

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Friday, 6 June 2014

I Spy Comfort Quilt

Good Morning All

It is very late as I'm writing this. Thought I should get it out before heading to bed to see if you will have any insight or suggestions.

My little girl has a little friend (4 yrs old) that was just diagnosed with Stomach Cancer. It has been a sad week for us. I haven't told DD of the extent of her little friend being sick in the hospital. I keep putting myself in his Mom's shoes and almost get panic attacks. And then I think, I'm not even her - How is she doing it???? So I've been praying and thinking positive thoughts for the family. I would appreciate if you would also keep them in your thoughts and prayers even though you don't know them.

I knew I wanted to make the little guy a comfort quilt but wasn't sure what to make, posted it on Twitter and almost as soon as I pressed Tweet, I thought of I Spy quilts. I put a request out to my friends IRL and on-line for I Spy squares. I think I was given more than 40 fabrics!! It is great how giving and caring quilters are.

My daughter and I looked though the internet for samples of I Spy quilts and found so many wonderful patterns. I really liked one but realized I don't have the time to make such a complicated one. And a friend suggested do basic with sashing and she is a very smart friend. So I've decided on what type of quilt and the style of quilt, now I need to decide on the colours of the sashing and cornerstones. The little guys favourite colours are red and rainbow.
One thought is grey sashing with red cornerstones (didn't want black as thought too harsh)
I like the look of white sashing but nervous of it showing dirt??
Then my next thought is having each row a different colour following the rainbow colours.

Here are most of my blocks, please tell me what you would do.

Have a good night everyone, great tomorrow and if you have kids, give them an extra squeeze.

Have a Crafty Day
Vicky K

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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

1st Weekend Class

Good morning All
Today is going to be a busy day so I thought I would show you what I made last weekend.
the NECESSARY Clutch Wallet by Janelle MacKay

The class was great and I believe all finished their wallets.
I really like mine.

The inside is very functional.

I can even fit my phone with OtterBox inside the wallet.

Next weekend, I'll be taking the first out of 2 classes for the Mini Professional Tote. Very excited for this class. I made the Professional Tote in December and am looking forward to having a smaller version of it for my purse.
Hope you play today!
Vicky K
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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Tip Tuesday

Good Morning! Hope your day is a beautiful day.

Mine started out a little stressful. We have a foster puppy that loves to bark at other dogs. And her bark sounds mean and scary even though she only wants to play. We purchased a citronella dog collar that worked well on a walk but not so much in our truck. This morning I was looking for the collar so that the pup could come with us to school but I could not find it. Hubby put it away. So we went to school without it. And I'm sure you can figure out how quickly I found it when we got home LOL.

After settling my daughter, I came downstairs to work. I have a lot due last week, next week, and in a month. So what do I do, play with my scraps. What is it we are called, ProCraftinators. :)

Lately, my cutting hasn't been as smooth as I like. Last week I changed a blade that I had changed within the last month and normally my blades can last up to 6 months. It did feel better but still not what I like. The mat I'm cutting on is one of my really expensive large mats and I can't buy a replacement one right now. And the sore spot is the place where I cut small pieces. While cutting my scraps this morning, I had the bright idea to use one of my smaller, cheaper mats on top of my large expensive one for scrap cutting. I think this is a good solution and wish I would have thought of it sooner, before I started to damage my mat. Do you have a separate place to cut scraps and large WOF cuts? I'd love to hear if you have had the same issue and what your solution is.

Damaged spot

pink cutting mat for scraps

Hope you get to play today!
Vicky K

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Sunday, 2 March 2014

March A Long 2014 Day 1 & 2

Good Evening all

This is going to be a quick post just to tell my achievement for 15 minutes of quilting a day for the March A Long that Scientific Quilter is hosting.

March 1: I worked for only 15 minutes on subcutting my strips for a nine patch exchange through my guild and printing off a mystery quilt pattern to host at same guild.

March 2: I went through some paint chips I picked up for a challenge we are doing this month at my guild. We are to use paint chips whose name starts with the our initials. And we are to make a mini quilt with fabric that matches those colors. I'm working on a sample to take to the guild to show the members.

Sorry for the shadowy pictures.

Have a good night everyone. I will be linking up with the March A Long.

Vicky K

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Sunday, 26 January 2014

1st Time Participating in Scrap Basket Sunday

Hello all
Hope you've had a wonderful weekend and are ready to face the new week in a great mood.
I've had a really good day today and am ending it just the way I like. Quilting and Blogging.
This am we worked very effecently as a family cleaning the house. And just as we were finishing, my friend texted me to see if we wanted to hang. She has two boys that are very close in age to my little ones. So feeling good about clean house and knowing it, all of a sudden, got cold out, I invited them over. I even had time before they came to make some cookies. We enjoyed a few hours company and lunch. It was a really nice visit. The kids had lots of fun! Hubby made a great supper! It was just a really nice day!

A few days ago, I was web surfing for some ideas for a row robin that I'm doing with my guild and came across Scrap Basket Sunday hosted by Kim's Big Quilting Adventure. I felt a strong tug to look further into the linkup as scrap quilting is a passion and I feel that I don't spend much time playing as I would like.

So tonight, since its Sunday, I decided to get serious about playing along. Since I haven't had much time to get things organized to work on something big or structured in my scraps, I decided to work on ironing the four patches I've sewn for my Postage Stamp Quilt. I've been sewing the four patches as my leaders and enders in the last few months and am getting quite a pile that need to be ironed.

I figured that would be a great start and create momentum to keep up Scrap Basket Sunday. I'm hoping to be able to dedicate at least 15 minutes every Sunday to my scrap passion and then I might be able to produce something to show my friends and guild. I'm always talking about what I have planned but haven't come up with anything finished. Some people even save their scraps for me.

Hope you all have a wonderful evening!

Vicky K

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